Archivio fotografico f.lli Gori

Sede dell'Archivio oggi: via Derna 4 / via Porciatti 10 (GR)


In the office of via Derna 18 classifiers are kept, holding at least 3500 prints and 6 original prints by Enrico Gori; the annual index books ( from 1950 to 1986) are also kept here, where the photographic reportages were recorded monthly, showing the subject, the customer and often the size of the prints. In this manner 4812 reportages are recorded. Two groups stand out: the services that represent the mapping of the various

Towns of the Grosseto Province commissioned by the Tourist Board, and the many self commissioned reportages of the Gori brothers.

Also kept here are the negatives on sheets ( mainly 13 x 18 or 10 x 12) and on film rolls of medium format , regarding the photographs above mentioned, set in order and numbered; left too is a collection of 100.00 negatives kept in the original packaging .


The negative archive holds in full 44.812 photographic reportages taken between 1950 and 1986, to this is added more material taken between 1946 and 1950.

Every reportage contains a minimum of 12 shots to a maximum of a hundred, for a total of some hundred thousand negatives.



All the dark room material (enlargers, basins, frames, tweezers, edge cutters, chassis) have been kept.

Many old photo cameras with different format: 6X9, 4,5X9; 6X6; 24X36, and so on.



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