Notizie Archivio fotografico f.lli Gori

Giuseppe Gori


Texts have been taken from: “Photographers by Profession. The Gori Brothers Archive”

Members of the Gori family initiated their profession as Photographers in Grosseto in the first decade of the 1900 .As no records can be found in the Archive, tradition puts the opening of a small photographic studio in Grosseto by Enrico Gori in the year 1911, he was the first of a family that engaged in the art of photography for all the 20th Century. In the years that followed the First World War Enrico Gori stretched his activity to Rome and with the help of his sons, to Assisi and Follonica.
THE BROTHERS GORI STUDIO was opened in the year 1933 by the brothers Giuseppe and Paolo in Grosseto in Viale Sonnino (now viale Matteotti). But their activity continued in Rome as can be testified by close-up portraits of emerging actresses who where gravitating around Cinecitta’, a new Italian dream that Mussolini inaugurated in 1937 on the” Roman Christmas “
The Studio of Viale Matteotti, where the whole photographic archive was kept, was confiscated in 1943 by the occupying German troops that turn it in to an operative centre, and later by the Allied troops. The Gori brothers, who had escaped to Arcidosso, on the slopes of the Amiata Mountain; set up here a provisional studio, but could not move all the photographic material and the most important machinery. When in 1945 the Gori’s returned to Grosseto, all the material gathered up to then in the Viale Matteotti’s Studio and consisting in around 8000 negatives, was totally lost.
Of the photographic activity that preceded the second World Conflict only very few photographs have been left and are , to this day, propriety of the Gori descendants.

The Viale Matteotti studio was reopened in Grosseto in 1945, and from then the Gori’s work was taken up with renewed vigour. The photographic Archive holds prints and negatives starting from 1946, while in 1948 all the photographic material was systematically catalogued, and from 1950 annual  compilations of all the out of studio works were edited. The activity of the Studio continued uninterrupted until 1999, when the Gori’s Photographic Studio was closed.
During the first part of the practice that continued for 54 years, the Fratelli Gori’s Photographic Studio, was the first and probably the most important studio of all the Grosseto Province.
One of the most important customers of the Gori’s was the Ente Provinciale Del Turismo di Grosseto (the Grosseto Tourist board), for whom a thorough photographic survey was conducted in the various Shires.
Dating back to 1948 are thorough photographic documentations on Maremma social life, often used even now by publishers, showing the rural life, that of the “butteri”(the Maremma equivalent of cowboys), and especially on  the living conditions of the shepherds who would spend the summer in the Apennines and would make their way to Maremma in the winter.
In the Fifty’s, in parallel with the definition of a more agile  commercial ordering system for the negatives, the Gori would be amongst the major reporters or the area around Grosseto, backed by a modern and well equipped studio that would seldom use external collaboration .
Alongside  the broad photographic shoots, commissioned by the various Maremma boards and consortiums for land reclamation , the Studio Gori also worked for private body’s , putting together a large number of photo shoots that make it probably one of the most complete Photo Archive regarding the Land Reclamation in Maremma during the post war years.    
Nevertheless it is important to remember , in order to understand the work of the Gori Family , that not all their photographic work was commissioned by large government bodies , in fact most of the photographic material kept in the archives originates from smaller local commissions, self originated projects and from innumerable commercial projects. In fact during the years that preceded the boom of amateur photography, every important event, whether public or private, every relevant event, from the road accident to the laying of the first stone, from a wedding to the inauguration of a show, from a political debate to the local fair, was documented by specialized photographers. The Gori, that could count on a successful long time activity, on one of the better equipped studios of the area, had the privilege of documenting    every step of the life of the city and of the surrounding area.
Banking on an undisputed professional capacity that had nevertheless originated from craftsmanship, the Gori would guarantee more than any other photographic studio an extraordinary knowledge of the territory, practical ability, craftsmanship and a large number of competences.

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